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Borders | Best Experimental Film
Womens Voices Now Film Festival
California 2017

The Record | Winner of the Tommy Vine Fund for Screenwriting
London 2016

A Well Informed Optimist | Best Film
One World Short Film Festival
Bristol 2014

I Can’t...I’ve Got Derby | Winner of the IdeasTap Documentary Prize
London 2013

Selected shorts

Narrative [Director]
Borders is about the hushed-up practice of ‘virginity testing’ by the UK Home Office. I directed this short commissioned by poet Shagufta K Iqbal.
Find out more at the imeo page

Winner: Best Experimental Film
Womens Voices Now Film Festival 2017

Promo [Director/Editor]
The rather painful #OrganDonorChallenge. This is a very silly comedy short I directed and edited.

Documentary [Director/Editor]
Katie Peril, Izzy Dauntless, and Daphne DuGorier outline the ethics, dynamics, and politics of roller derby. I edited and co-directed this short doc for my MA piece. 

Winner: IdeasTap Documentary Prize 2013 

Producer | The Fourth Estate

An introduction to the political economy of the media, in all its glory: the phone hacking scandal, Hollywood’s relationship with the US government, and the future of media monopolies.

Producer | Film That Buys the Cinema

The volunteers and audiences of Bristol’s Cube Cinema raised £185k in just one year to buy and forever own their local microplex. Part of this fund came from FTBTC - 70 minute-long clips from 70 international directors and artists who have had work screened at The Cube. Contributors include Reggie Watts, Portishead, Mark Cousins and Ciro Guerra.

FTBTC premiered at the BFI London Film Festival 2014.